Youtube Keyword Tool Replacement for Video SEO keywords Research or VSEO Suggestion
If you want to do video SEO (VSEO) for YouTube, you’ll need to find out what are the popular keywords but YouTube has now removed the Keyword Tool.

However is an alternative that is still part of YouTube and free for anyone to use for keyword research or keyword suggestions to help you find the best Youtube Keywords.

Blog post :

It’s great for finding YouTube keywords and phrases that people are typing in as part of your video SEO – VSEO but it doesn’t give you the detailed breakdown like the old one did.

It’s not Adwords or an external service but it been available for years hidden in plain sight offering high volume keywords without having to login.

In this video I’ll show you where it is and how to use it.

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20 thoughts on “Youtube Keyword Tool Replacement for Video SEO keywords Research or VSEO Suggestion”

  1. Great video! Can you please share more of those tips. For example how to properly tag, and write descriptive phrases to rank our videos.

  2. Mr. I have problem with my video. its 3 month difficult to get view. I been try riset keywords more time, but its keep never get view. Maybe you have new idea.

  3. Okay, riddle me this.  I've tried this and keywordiotool, and neither works.  I have a burnout video and using youtube's search I have used tags "burnout crash mode", "burnout crash gameplay", "burnout crash compilation", "burnout crash" etc.  And used "burnout crash mode" in my title, and my description.  It even has a nice thumbnail.  Now, I go onto youtube (signed in or not), and my video isn't to be found until about page 6.  And people's videos with 0 tags or different languages and sometime completely different title to something I wasn't even searching for comes up first.  I know it's to do with rankings and views, but how is mine to be viewed when you cannot find it until page 6?  What's up?  Thanks in advance.

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