YouTube Keyword Research

This keyword research for YouTube video marketing has allowed me to identify profitable keyword phrases time and time again. It’s based on my tried and true “just born” keyword phrase method. Also know as the “Crystal Ball Method” and is something that most YouTubers don’t do.

YouTube keyword research, it’s one of the most under utilized method that can result in more video views, subscribers and youtube channel growth.

If you’re looking for a youtube keyword tool alternative, then this method and video will be one you’ll want to study. In many ways, this method is much more powerful than relying on a YouTube keyword finder or a YouTube keyword search tool.


Because so few people implement this method, the door is wide open. YouTube keyword optimization begins with identifying phrases that are driving LOTS of views, but have little competition.


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19 thoughts on “YouTube Keyword Research”

  1. Do I have an addiction if I watch these videos over and over again. more entertaining than anything on TV that's for sure. We love 99 here in Canada good person to quote Brian.

  2. Your videos are always full of really informative stuff. Not like a bunch of other videos out there with click-bait titles that are no help at all. Thank You!

  3. You have a really fun way of doing your videos. I've been very addicted to these videos and I wanted to say thank you for putting out awesome content.

    I found you through Nick's video.

  4. Another amazing video from Brian G. Johnson. I love the fact that you don't hold anything back and share tips that others charge a fortune for (plus their videos are so boring!!)

  5. I'll have to watch this one a couple of times to get a good hang of it πŸ™‚ Thanks for making these great insightful videos and your presentation style is energetic and inspiring.

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