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This YouTube keyword research tool is free and has increased my views dramatically on YouTube! Check it out. What if you were able to access a free YouTube keyword suggestion tool that pulled and suggested keywords based the videos published to YOUR channel? What if this keyword planner allowed you to increase the FREE search traffic from Google and YouTube?

And get this …

What if this free software tool all you to drastically improve your YouTube keyword research? Friend, this is it, a keyword tool for YouTube from YouTube! If you’re looking for a keyword tool alternative then look no further!

Hey, it’s Brian G. Johnson and I’ve used this tool myself to increase my YouTube views substantially. Best of all this tool is free to use and can be accessed via a mobile app, or from the YouTube creator studio dashboard (on the web).


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20 thoughts on “YouTube Keyword Research Tool”

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  2. Hey Brian! Awesome video brotha. I have a quick question in regards to titles and wanted to see if you were able to aid in the understanding of this. So i was researching on what to name my title and i found a combination of words that nobody did for a title like "pink bunny steals carrot" so before i put my video up i searched to see what the top searches would have and it would be stuff like "bunnys like carrots", "pink bunny for easter" etc. when i put my video up i was hoping that if i searched SPECIFICALLY for my string aka "pink bunny steals carrot" that it would be first on the search list because it was soo specific, but it was not it was placed like in 20th place. Are you able to elaborate a bit on this? I know this is an old video of yours but still an amazing one! Cant wait to hear from you! cheers <3

  3. Thanks for sharing. I've been using Wealthy Affiliate for keywords but feel that's more geared to actual search engines and not exclusively for YouTube. Hopefully this will help. God bless@

  4. Brian, I'm late checking out this video. But I'm right on time. lol I had NO IDEA that the creator studio was available for mobile devices.
    Duh.. This is a game changer. Thanks.

  5. The subs I have watch my videos. So it's pretty good. I still have a problem. I just made a video on tattoo healing methods. And I think I optimized it well but the tags don't show it's ranking in tubebuddy

  6. Love the video, you are crushing it. I need to be more mindful of my tags, none rank. Can't stop watching your videos. Thank you.

  7. Hi Brian, At 6.33 between Revenue and Audience is the DISCOVERY. I don't see this in the new layout. Where can I find the Key word or words driving my videos ? please help.

  8. So very glad to have found you and your so easy to listen to and understand, thanks from an Aussie follower.

  9. Hello – Great video with a lot of information ! I have been using Vid IQ for $10 per month to get stats and it has a keyword search for Youtube. However, after watching a couple of your videos, I have learned that Youtube has a great tool as well. Keep up the good work! (You remind me of Jim Carey – lol – Can you do a Fire-Marshall Bill imitation for us on one of your videos?lol )

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