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I bet you can’t wait to get your hands on this YouTube keyword research tool. Thus make sure to enroll into the early access program by visiting:

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Brian G. Johnson joined in on the pursuit to grow Morningfame’s fanbase. His channel is a delight:

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19 thoughts on “YouTube Keyword Research Tool Concept”

  1. So I have a video on my channel that taps into a seasonal trend and every year leading up to Christmas it gets more views (more than the previous year too)! 75% of its 1888 views are from search. I was wondering how that would be affected by me making a video on the same topic with the same title? As in, it is a poem I wrote, and I would be reciting the text which is all there is in the other video. Should I try to hit all the same keywords or should I try to hit other ones and then link the videos to each other so they might grow from each other too? Obviously linking them goes without saying I am just curious about whether I would be stealing the spotlight of one video for the other?

  2. This is so exciting, Niko! I am excited to have a paid subsription for the whole year so I'll get to use this stuff as soon as it rolls out!

  3. really exciting tool…I wish you would have stated that even the early adopters don't have access to it right now, because at the end you made it sound like early adopters had alpha access. I bought an annual subscription because of that…. fyi I'm not TOO upset but I would've preferred not to have bought it under that pretense…

  4. What I've learned in over 5 years of making videos is that you need to first find the keyword that people are searching for then make a video around that. Making a video then trying to find keywords to boost the ranking may cause it to bump up in those search results, but if few people are searching that keyword, it's not going to translate in views. I've actually done this in the past few weeks on a couple of my videos and they are killing it compared to my normal content. Tags and keywords have their place and this can be good for getting relevancy there. In the end, people can have great tags, titles, thumbnails, and story but if it is not a topic people are searching for it won't matter.

  5. This is going to be amazing! One of the issues I have is trying to rank my videos. I currently use tubebuddy but it doesn't really help to predict what the keywords rank. This is a tool that I will definitely be using daily! Great job Nico & Brian!

  6. This is a brilliant tool, Nico! Step 2 is what I see being the biggest opportunity for differentiation, and I can't wait to get my mitts on it!

  7. This sounds really freaking awesome! My videos tend to do well at ranking anyway, but it's always a worry that they won't.

  8. Two ideas for improvement to your web site: 1) offering the ability to compare one's analytics to other channels (of our choosing…similar to SocialBlade)): 2) offering a "Best Time to Post" feature. In all, though, your site is very practical, easy to use, and EXTREMELY helpful.

  9. hmm, it's kinda difficult to understand from these sketches. I think I'll need to see it in action
    on my account

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