YouTube Keyword Research to Get More Views

YouTube keyword research, it’s one of the easiest ways to get more views to your YouTube videos. In this video, I share four simple steps I use to never run out of ideas, identify easy to rank for keywords and get more views.

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18 thoughts on “YouTube Keyword Research to Get More Views”

  1. I got my first video with legit #1 ranking on not one, but TWO keywords and a high rank for several more this week thanks to your help! Thanks, Brian!

  2. Question: I focus on kids' playground videos. "children's playgrounds" only has 59k results, but there's only two stemmed variations that go along with it in search. Neither of which fit my videos. There's also "kids outdoor playgrounds" which only has 52K results, but no stemmed variations that go with it in search. How do I optimize for the least searched playground terms, when they don't have stemmed variations?

  3. Really glad you did an update to your original video on this. I use this technique on every single video and it's been working well for me!

  4. Very good info indeed. Now off topic question : So over the weekend I came aware (from Finland) that You Tube is closing the you tube video editor ? Is that true ? If it is how about the Audio library ? Boy loosing that sure would be a Big Bad News ! #doineedtopanic

  5. Please explain something to me. How is it, you can add lots of "flare" and talky talky talk , to your videos, and yet get such a small pitiful audience, but other people who get zillions of YouTube hits, and never talk, and never use crazy graphics, get tons more hits then you ever will!?!?

    Just for one example:

    It's not the jazz!!! It's the content and art!

    Ya dig?!?

  6. This video is so powerful. This is the jackpot in getting noticed no joke. Any "good" video I've ever done I've accidentally used this.
    Thanks so much Brian!

  7. Honestly this video and other videos from your channel were some of the most helpful YouTube tutorials, out of all of the YouTube tutorials I saw. But for some reason, stuff like relevancy can be tricked. For example, if you searched up "Injustice 2 Blue Beetle AI loadout" yesterday, there is nothing relevant at all to Blue Beetle. So I go to upload a video, I optimize my tags (kept my title short and relevant like you said in a previous video, litterally naming it "Injustice 2 Blue Beetle AI loadout") and my video some how comes in 2nd place on the search term "Injustice 2 Blue Beetle AI loadout" against someone who has a video called "INJUSTICE 2: BEST AI ATTRIBUTES FOR EACH CHARACTER IN INJUSTICE 2 FOR MULTIVERSE" which is only relevant to having Injustice 2 and AI Attributes (which is an AI loadout, but that not important). I checked his tags and there was nothing about Blue Beetle and Blue Beetle was only mentioned once in the description. Can you make a video or comment back solving this issue I'm having, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

  8. good video brian I have a question , if I time stamp a video say 5 ways to deal with clockwork soldiers and I put in my description the time stamps to the various methods with the time stamps ie 3.00 using a re wire tool on a clockwork soldier will those keywords make that video come up in the search term using a re wire tool on a clockwork soldier or is it better to make 5 smaller videos with your search term thanks

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