Youtube Keyword Research 2018


Keyword research is incredibly misunderstood by many YouTubers and that’s too bad. Because it’s without question one of the easiest ways to increase your youtube views in 2018 and beyond.

In this YouTube keyword tips and tutorial video, I share YouTube keyword rank tips, tactics that are based on MILLIONS of video views and a growing channel.

If you’re wondering wondering about a YouTube keyword research tool then this video is for you. Because you can actually use Google Chrome and a simple method to identify easy to rank for YouTube keywords.

Without spending any money. Without installing any software and without trying to understand complex software. YouTube keyword optimization is all about understanding several key YouTube metrics including:

1) Total video results, less is better and will make it easy for you to rank your YouTube videos.

2) Total views for those videos in the top twenty results.

3) Total subscribers for those videos in the top twenty results.

4) Relevancy between the keyword query and the YouTube video title of those video in the top twenty results. When you identify a YouTube keyword phrase that has not been optimized for relevancy by the top twenty videos. It will be easier for you to rank your video.

This is YouTube keyword research free at it’s very best. Even better, apply the five step formula that I cover in this video and you will crush it on YouTube.

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18 thoughts on “Youtube Keyword Research 2018”

  1. Interesting channel and content it might my channel grow or improve a little. Thanks a lot for putting the time in to put these out there.

  2. By virtue of the way I do videos (project-based) I tend to do all the shooting up front and work on keywords and such on the back end. The end result of the video is the same, but I may angle it slightly for a better relevancy score against a good keyword rather than just leaving a video to the four winds and hoping for the best!

  3. Awesome stuff Brian! I've put your tactics on about 5 of my videos tonight and am looking forward to the results. Thanks again!

  4. I researched my tags again … used 500 spaces. And I am now in green again on TubeBuddy … found a few tags with only 5k results which are searchable.
    Used those on my latest (I hope EPIC HERO) video, SUCCESS or BUST!
    My competition rarely uses useful TAGS… I had to start from 0!

  5. Brian G Johnson TV This is fantastic.! You made me realize a mistake I was making. I was aiming just at the videos with the most views and subscribers instead of looking for that gap that can place me among the humble big ones. I gave you a realizing like.

  6. That's fantastic. I do most of that, thanks to you.

    Was it just me or was there something strange about your ending.

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