What Is Keyword Research? How To Do Keyword Research (2018)

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What is keyword research? In this video, you will learn how to do keyword research the right way in 2018. Find the most profitable keywords in your niche using this simple trick

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About Ruan: Ruan is a digital marketing expert located in Connecticut. Ruan specializes in search engine optimization for small businesses and natural SEO for national companies. Ruan is an avid believer in free information to the public. He gives out as much free content as possible to inform his audience of what’s possible with internet marketing.

In this video I talk about one of the most important parts in SEO which is keyword research in 2018

At the end of the day – you need to optimize your website for keywords that are valuable to your business

It wouldn’t make sense to rank for keywords that have no impact in our business

Many times, SEO’s pick terrible keywords that may allow you to rank for your keywords but have absolutely no dollar value behind the keywords

Meaning, these keywords are not ‘commercial intent’ which is basically a fancy way of saying – users are nor looking to buy anything

Instead, they’re looking to just do some research. If you want to do proper keyword research, I highly recommend you see what your competitors are doing and replicate their successes

How to do keyword research in 2018 is actually pretty easy for SEO in 2018 – you can use tools like:


and other keyword aggregation tools to gather intelligent data from your competitors to outrank them and bring more dollars to your business.

I genuinely hope that this video has helped you solve the biggest problems you may have with keyword research