The Best Amazon Keywords for Optimizing your Listing and Sponsored Ads

Find keywords for your listing

Keyword Research is the most innovative and accurate keyword tool in the galaxy.

With just one search, you get a list of your product’s most relevant keywords. Once you hit “enter,” we scour the depths of Amazon for an exhaustive list of customer search terms related to your seed keyword.

How do we do that? We run a Reverse Market Lookup. Think of it as a master Reverse ASIN Lookup that reaches across all your Amazon markets, taking all of your top competitors into consideration instead of just one.

The result is an enormous pool of keywords related to your product.

Our Market Relevancy Calculation filters out unrelated terms in order to produce the highest quality list of keywords currently available to Amazon sellers.

Each keyword is rated and sorted based on its importance to your product, so you see the most important keywords first.

Our industry-leading search volume estimates are based only on actual Amazon data and are updated throughout the week. Utilize both exact and broad match to see a keyword’s potential impact.

With an Advanced subscription, you also have access to search volume trends, Opportunity Score, and Sponsored Ads. Trends allow you to see which keywords are gaining or losing popularity.

Opportunity Score ranks keywords on a scale of 0-1000 to show you markets where the keyword has not been integrated into the front end of the top performing listings. Because high opportunity keywords are less competitive, these markets also tend to have lower quality listings. If you’ve got great reviews and good photos, the addition of a single keyword could bring in thousands more dollars in sales every month.

Sponsored Ad Bids identify keywords with high relevance and low competition. Target high-opportunity, low-bid, and trending keywords to put your product on the cutting edge of customer search.

Keyword Research integrates with your Product Discovery and Market Intelligence subscriptions to provide you with increased insights. Filter for keywords based on search volume, and see search volume numbers for the keyword markets you are exploring.

Keyword Research integrates with all of your Viral Launch software subscriptions so you can see keyword search volume insights no matter what tool you’re using. Filter for keywords with high volume when looking for product ideas with Product Discovery. And see keyword search volume inside of Amazon as you research with Market Intelligence.

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