Stop Using Keyword Research Tools (And do this instead!)

In this video we share the real strategies we use to find profitable niche keywords for our blogs. We’ve been using Google Search Suggestions with the best success, and have STOPPED using keyword research tools like Longtail Pro.

When you’re ready to start your niche site, start here to create your WordPress blog, get traffic, and monetize. This is our full, free tutorial on your first steps to creating a profitable site:

20 thoughts on “Stop Using Keyword Research Tools (And do this instead!)”

  1. hey you guys just used the Google suggestions as your keyword. But still you need to know that whether that particular google suggestion is actually searched by enough people per month. And that suggestion might have taken by 1000 of other bloggers already…so you need to check the competition as well. 🙂 And you must need a KW tool to find those data. 😉

    The Idea is good…but the way you guys made this a #1 point of finding a keyword is just so wrong.

    Reply me if you want to discuss here about more. 😀

  2. Thank you for this tutorial! BTW, I use the free MozBar to check competition: if there are a few results on Google page 1 with a PA (page authority) under 30, there's usually a good chance to outrank them with better content. Now, you mention that 30-odd good articles could be enough content for a "passive" site; what I'd like to know is: if one has prepared 30 articles for a new niche site, can one publish them all at once or is it better to drip-feed them over a period of time?

  3. I’m relatively new to affiliate, but this has been my hunch since starting regarding kw tools, I’ve used several free ones and free trials and they all differ in results. Only one of them will be right if any. My guess is none are spot on all the time if any are any of the time.

  4. I'm new to internet marketing and trying to learn but having some difficulty! You guys make things so simple. Thank you

  5. go to my website to find niche ideas? this seem to be fake for me, if they insisted it's right i would love to see a walkthrough videos of starting a niche site with what they claim to be true.
    as far as my knowledge goes, those tools not only gives you the estimated search volume, but also a lot bunch of information about the keyword and about the niche sites out there that rank for that keyword alongside their data such as domain authority, page authority,backlinks and who is linking to them and so on.

  6. Oh yeah, the same bullshit I heard when I hit the gym for the first time. You dont need protein or any supplements, just eat good stuff and you gonna grow – yeah maybe in 5 years… yeah, please dont use any kw tools, just see what google says and try to rank it then. Why would you need any statistics or current rankings? Do what you like.

    Sure, there are a ton of ways how to get from A to Z. But if I research a kw in a good tool I can make my 70 bucks out of it, believe me or not. Otherwise we would still go by horse instead of a car.

    PS: english is not my first language

  7. This maybe a stupid question… Im a memeber of amazon uk. usa. canada. How do i add germay,france etc when I cant read german or french? Just tried to join but I cant read the application in french? lol

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