SEO for Squarespace 2017-2018

SEO tips and tricks for Squarespace if you’d like to ask me a question or work with me;
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Keyword finding resources: (use an incognito browser)

Off Page SEO:
Settings – SEO
Settings – Website Info
Page descriptions
Image alt tag/name your images
Blog Description
Blog post URL

On page SEO:
Actionable and highly practical content
1800+ words
Keyword rich in 1st 100 words of post
Copy paste 1st paragraph to Excerpt
Include outbound links
Include imags & infographics

Backlink strategy:
Google search “keyword” + “useful resources” or “link up” or “best of” or “helpful resources”
Use Check My Links Chrome extension to find broken links
Reach out to owner of website with link/resource replacement.