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SellerPrime’s Amazon Product Keyword Tool doubles up as competitor keyword analysis tool. With the Product Keyword tool find out the exact keywords for which a product is being found and the keywords that are ranking high in searches.

How to find competitors keywords on Amazon?
On tracking a product, SellerPrime helps you with competitor keyword research by pulling out all the keywords that are used in the product listing. Track these keywords to understand their profitability and search volume over a period of time.
How to rank for keywords on Amazon?
For any tracked product, the Amazon Product Keyword Tool extracts the keywords that are used in the product listing. These keywords can be present either in the bullet point section or in the title or backend of the listing. SellerPrime also classifies these keywords as Amazon auto-suggested or trending. The Product Keyword Tool also picks up more relevant keywords to increase the ranking of the product and earn more profits.

SellerPrime has a couple of features that are dedicated to keyword research; Amazon Keyword Research Tool, Keyword Tracking Tool, Product Keyword Tool.
These keyword Tools generate relevant Amazon fba keywords and their search volume and competition. Along with that, they help you track the current Page Rank and the Search position of the keyword.

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