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For your continuous improvement method: I was thinking of asking my content manager once a month, to go back and improve one article. Now the question is, which ones? Do I have her start with the first (oldest) post and work her way to the newest? OR use a tool to see which post is getting the most traffic, or ranking the highest?

Let us take your example of “best shaver for men with bald head”
This is a good KGR keyword and it suits the requirement. But I also found another keyword lets say best shaver for men with coarse hair. Now both these keywords target a common keyword about shaver for men and maybe the products are also same. In that case, what do you suggest? Can I club those keywords in one article? Coz I dont want to have two articles competing for the same keyword and neither of them ranking.

I am a big fan of you. I have created a niche site aged 3 months. I have target 5 money keywords (5 posts) for Amazon affiliate. I have published total 18 posts till now. My most of the money keyword’s position in Google 20-50 and every day it up and down in Google SERP. I cannot overcome my keyword position. So I need help from you. Please help me.

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