Product Discovery Tutorial: How to Use Keyword Search to Find Amazon Products

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Walkthrough: how to use Keyword Search in Viral Launch’s Product Discovery

Product Discovery by Viral Launch: The best Amazon product finder in the galaxy.

Are you an Amazon seller wondering what to sell on Amazon? Trying to find good products to sell on Amazon? Product Discovery is product selection software that lets you filter for a personalized list of high-potential products that match your exact business goals.

Whether you want to find products that fit your exact criteria, niches that offer lots of potential, successful brands that you want to emulate, or subcategories full of up & coming products … we’ve got you covered.

Looking for potential keywords and good product markets to enter? In the keyword tab, you will see a list of personalized keywords based upon your inputs. Again, you will see a bunch of helpful information about this search term and its top products. If you subscribe to the annual plan, we’ll show you the product idea score on a 1-5 star scale (powered by market intelligence). Sorting by idea score is a really fast way to see the most promising markets first, and it is definitely a benefit to subscribing annually as opposed to monthly. You will also see price, sales, review information, and more. You can easily save the keyword to your pinned ideas and view the search results on Amazon. And once you find niches you may be interested in entering, you can validate, or invalidate, those ideas with easy access to your Market Intelligence subscription.