New: “Unlinked Domains” Feature in Ahrefs’ Content Explorer tool

We’ve just added an absolutely awesome feature to the Content Explorer tool ( and we cannot wait to show it to you!

You are for sure already familiar with the Content Explorer: you put any keyword into the tool and it will find for you hundreds of thousands of articles on that topic sorted by popularity.

Well, here’s that new thing that we’ve just added: it’s called “Highlight unlinked domains.”

If you click it and put your website there, Content Explorer will start highlighting all the search results where domains don’t have at least a single backlink pointing to your website.

Basically, it allows you to quickly find popular sites that write about the topic of your interest, but have never linked to your site. That’s a great outreach opportunity!

Here’s another cool use-case: you can search for your own name in Content Explorer and then again use this new feature to highlight websites that mentioned you, but didn’t link to your website. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to secure links from them now, right?

Quite soon we’ll also let you export all these domains that mention a certain keyword, but don’t link to your website. That would be huge, right? Let us know what tou think!

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