New Amazon Keyword Research Tool: Viral Launch’s New Keyword Tool in 2018

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Viral Launch’s new Amazon FBA keyword research tool brings keyword research to a whole new level. We are pleased to see that the monthly cost of this tool is really quite affordable compared to other tools that are out there.

The new keyword research tool’s price is really comparable to other tools out there like Merchant Words but displays a powerful amount of data that rivals any of the more expensive current tools on the market.

The Viral Launch team has done an impressive job of disrupting several Amazon software areas in the past 2 years and hits the mark again with this new tool.

That being said, the tool isn’t perfect. There are some areas of the keyword research data that we are still waiting for improvements on, but these are sure to come over time as more data is collected an available.

Overall, we really feel that Viral Launch’s new keyword research tool has a wide range of applications. Private label research, wholesale research, bundles & bundling and even Merch By Amazon sellers will find this new tool to be beneficial in their

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