9 thoughts on “Merch By Amazon Niche Research Made Easy”

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  2. HA HA you said "I'm gonna make an assumption that there is an eclipse coming?" Boy i hope you got in early though coz guys crushed it

  3. i used your research tips a few months ago and discovered a baseball topic that was trending in St. Louis at that time (Rally Cat)…made a shirt on that topic and made sales. Thanks

  4. Thank you for video how do you get the stats on Amazon site? I use Chrome maybe that is it does not say that under item.

  5. It's exactly one month after this video.. just looked and over a million merch shirts now. so roughly almost 200,000 shirts being uploaded per month! Also, lots of Groot shirts from guardians of galaxy. like wtf. unless Marvel has rights to sell them in merch?

  6. Wouldn't it make sense to find the niches that are making sales? Let's be honest, the majority of designs do not sell.

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