LEGENDARY Amazon PPC Tip: Title Keyword Research Method by PPC Expert Sean Smith of Jungle Hustle

The Title Keyword Research Method has generated Seans Smith $164,793.89 in PPC sales for two of their biggest accounts at a 33.73% ACoS In the past two months. $46,112.29 of these PPC sales came from Nick & Fernando’s PPC account.

1. Open your Amazon product listing page and have it in front of you
2. Start pulling keyword phrases from your title and put them into a spreadsheet
3. Copy and paste the phrases into merchant words to find more phrases. Download the keywords from merchant words and start selecting the highly relevant keywords.
4. Once you are done pulling data for all of your original keyword phrases create PPC campaigns for exact, phrase, and broad match types.
***Here are the starting bids we use: $2.22 for exact. $1.78 for phrase. $1.42 for broad.


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