Kindle Publishing: How To Find Profitable Keywords For Your Amazon Ebooks


If you want to make real money with Amazon Kindle Publishing then you must learn how to select profitable keywords. Without knowing this then you will spend time and effort publishing Kdp e-books that will make no money for you. It’s one of the most crucial aspects and what differentiates publishers that actually make money from the ones that don’t.

How Can You See If a Keywords is Profitable?

1st – Go to
2nd – In the search box, choose kindle store from the listing
3rd – Write down the keyword you want to analyze
4th – In the following listing, open in a new tab the first top e-books
5th – Go to each one of them, see in the Paid in Kindle Store if their ranking is below 100k

If your first results are below that number then these authors are selling a good amount of copies daily. Otherwise, if it is above that number then most likely they aren’t and therefore, it isn’t worth your time trying to rank for that specific keyword.

Sometimes you may find a single e-book performing really well in that listing, while all others are barely doing any money. This often means that the author is probably famous in this niche and it is not something you can duplicate if you are an author no one ever heard about.

You can easily see this by the number of reviews this e-book has compared to all others. If it has a large number of reviews then certainly the author is popular and it getting traffic from his/her website, e-mail listing, etc.

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