Keyword Research With Long Tail Pro – 2017

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We’ll cover:
• Why is Keyword research so important?
o What data does this research give?
o How it determines demand
o Why it’s a necessity when building a website
• When should someone start keyword research for their website?
o Why completing keyword research prior to launch is so important
o How keyword research determins the website strategy
• Tools that I use for Keyword Reseach
o Long Tail Pro
o Google Keyword Research tool
o Microsoft Excel
o Ubersuggest
• The importance of keyword intent
o Informational keywords
 Who
 What
 When
 Where
 Why
 Can
o Buyer Intent Keywords
 Best X for Y
 X Review
 Best X for under X dollars
 Cheap X
 Buy X
 X vs. Y
• Ubersuggest Tutorial
• Long Tail Pro Tutorial
o Understanding KC
• Google Keyword Planner Tutorial
• Using Microsoft Excel to tie it all together
o The importance of vlookups