Keyword Research – Watch & Learn As I Show You How To Do Keyword Research Like A Boss

Keyword research is the make-or-break for your SEO and content marketing. Get it right and you win… Get it wrong and no traffic for you!

The keyword tool I’m using in this video is here:

Whether you are operating a marketing services business, are actively selling search engine optimization services or you are simply building an affiliate marketing business through content marketing, this tutorial is a must watch.

We not only dig into the keyword research through my favorite keyword tool but you will also learn about how to interpret search intent to understand specifically what the visitor is searching for… So you can create the perfect content to match that and answer their questions.

As an example, I requested that a couple friends of mine who own a retail store in the Lake Tahoe area if they could send me some seed keywords and topics for me to do a little keyword research for.

They were excited to get to participate and we begin the video by understanding a bit about their business, their target market, their customer avatar and the general search intent from their perfect visitors.

After receiving their seed keyword list, we started by taking a look at their site and getting a baseline for their site’s SEO metrics, to see how strong their site is.

After this, we took a quick look around Google to understand the lay of the land. Our goal is to see what kind of content is already ranking on Google for the target keyword phrases so we can understand what Google is already giving high levels of relevance to.

After this, we are ready to start in on the keyword research tool.

We are looking at two major data points… First, the keyword search volume. Second the keyword difficulty.

Finding high search volume phrases that have low keyword difficulty and buyer intent is the ultimate goal… But doing effective keyword research is all about following the data and seeing what kinds of other ideas and phrases pop up through the research.

Then, we explore more about the SEO and content marketing side of how to rank for these keyword phrases. The overall goal of this video was not to be a full class on Search Engine Optimization, I covered that here:

I offer several different ideas about how to create and structure content in order to dominate the first page of Google for some very valuable keyword phrases in their niche.

I go deeper into the concept of building silos on the site and explain how these work with the example of using ultimate guide posts to increase the domain and page authority quickly while ranking dozens of separate posts for target keyword categories and phrases.

At the end, I give them a bonus about how to leverage the Facebook tracking pixel with these SEO and content marketing efforts to create a campaign that will drive their perfect customer into their store when they are visiting the area.

This concept is covered in greater detail in this video:

All in all, whether you are building a marketing agency, your are an affiliate marketer or you are growing your membership through organic search engine traffic, this skill of learning how to do keyword research is the fastest way for you to identify the opportunities for you to dominate your competition and get highly relevant traffic through content marketing fast!

19 thoughts on “Keyword Research – Watch & Learn As I Show You How To Do Keyword Research Like A Boss”

  1. A bit confuse on how to apply the kw with the targeting?
    Or do I set up a separate ad group for each if the goal is to get traffic to website?

  2. Hi Miles…
    Great clear steps on how to go about kw
    Question: On the MOZ site, is the lower the DA & PA number the better or the other way around?
    I am doing my first ytv ad this week.

  3. Man! I just love this video. Thnk you very much Miles. I have a question please. I came across many keywords that the top ten spots are dominated by ecom websites only, like ebay, amazon etc. The competion score is bsically 2 to 10. Whats the best strategy to opt for in this case? Thanks alot in advance Miles.

  4. In order to get yourself ranked 1st on google, will one have to work the same steps for every article that he posts on his website? i mean if someone publishes 5 articles per day.. will he apply the same steps for Each and Every single articles that he publishes? Or is there an other option that could be applied generally to the full website to get a no 1 ranking?

  5. Great video. I learned so much. I'm starting a blog to compliment my shopify store. Should I usr the shopify blogging platform, or WordPress, or Tumblr

  6. Also you said it usually takes about a year to rank your site to first page on google. How long do you think it would take to start making sales if you're using other free traffic sources like youtube?

  7. I have found quite a few keywords related to my topic Kindle publishing but I am not really sure which one to start with.

    1) Should I check the competitiveness of all the keywords and see which one I can rank for the easiest and start off with that one?
    2) Try to rank for a keyword which is a bit more difficult but I have the possibility to rank for?

    Do you have a video on how to select the initial Seed Keywords?

  8. My DA is 14, and my PA is 26

    There are 2 pages which is
    1) DA: 69, PA: 1
    1) DA: 30, PA: 1

    Can I potentially outrank this post if I do a kick-ass piece of content with Pinterest images, and YouTube video?

    When you say Pinterest Images do you mean that you publish the image on your website and then pin it on Pinterest?

  9. The structure you're talking about is create posts for the keyword on
    1) Individual questions people have about the keyword
    2) Reviews of different product for the keyword
    3) An ultimate guide of all the products

    If this all or is there is another type of post I should create?

  10. thanks so much for the free content you pump out here on youtube, followed another video of yours and quickly launched my own website . gonna share your channel with some of my friends and already I can hear other FB/SEO "gurus" with no video on youtube crying cos you provide so much good stuff out here for free. 🙂

  11. Great stuff Miles. I'm a little confused about some of this when done for local. Difficulty for "best running shoes" is one thing but suppose you just want local traffic? "Best running shoes Houston" or whatever. When and where does the local come into this?

  12. Hi Miles, would you advise setting up a blog under a separate domain as in your example here? I see some businesses doing that and wondered if there’s an advantage as opposed to just housing the blog on your main business website? Thanks

  13. Love the video so much I watched it twice. Question: If a kw phrase has modest search volume, and that kw phrase contains within itself a super hi volume kw phrase does a post containing benefit from both kw phrases. Example: "home builders in Phoenix" has a search volume of 890 with great KEI. The kw phrase inside that phrase is "home builders" which has a search volume of 27,100 and a KEI of 5.030. (hopefully no other Phoenix real estate agents are reading this LOL).

  14. When starting out with a new site with no links or anything, What are some reasonable DA and PA numbers to go after? 10,15,30,50?

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