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Keyword Research Tools are extremely important for anyone that wants to make money online. There are many tools available in the market today…some are free and some cost money. Some are 1 time payment and others have a monthly fee. After going through most of the Keyword Research Tools and software, I have come to the conclusion that 2 of these stand above the rest. I share these 2 in my video here.

Various tools excel at various tasks. While any one of the above tools might be a reliable method for paid search, SEO requires a much more mindful and in-depth analysis. Due to the fact that there is so much riding on picking the finest 1-2 keywords for each page on your site, you’ll really want to do a deep dive and draw in data from as many resources as possible (including all of the tools you mentioned!).

In my point of view, the BEST keyword tools is one that performs well overall and meets different criteria that it’s users have. According to my study, “Long Tail Pro” meets all the criteria that users have and is the best keyword research tool.

It’s ideal to use a rounded set of tools when performing keyword research. That includes free tools, including the Google Keyword Tool, then paid tools (if you have a budget) like Keyword Discovery, WordTracker, etc. There are also affordable research tools like SEMRush that can be useful in identifying the right key phrases to target. You absolutely want to be armed with as much data as possible before you execute a web content optimization plan.

1_Keyword Research Tool : Find easy to rank Keywords
2_ Keyword Research Tool : Fast Keyword Research
3_ Keyword Research Tool : One Click competition analysis for Keywords
4_ Keyword Research Tool : Perfect for Every Online Marketer and Business Owner
5_ Keyword Research Tool : Extremely Easy to Use with A Super Simple User Interface

Benefits Keyword Research Tool

# Increased traffic to your website
Rankings and traffic are important, let this Keyword research tool run automatically for you to get you targeted

# Help you Rank any video on the first page of YouTube and Google
# You will be able to save a ton of time and energy and focus on your business rather than keyword research
# Can beat competition and attack any niche to get the best results.

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