Keyword Research Like A Boss With Long Tail Pro

A Special Independence Day Gift for You! Keyword Research Like A Boss With Long Tail Pro. Comment Below If You Still Have Any Questions!

Note: This is a unlisted video, means people who have the link can watch it


19 thoughts on “Keyword Research Like A Boss With Long Tail Pro”

  1. vai amar apnar phone number ta dorker plz deban ki
    amar phone number ta holo 01948161969 apni doya kore aktu miss dien
    thank u

  2. কনটেন্ট লেখার ক্ষেত্রে আগে কি কিওয়ার্ড research করে তারপর কিওয়ার্ড Based content লিখার দিকে অগ্রসর হব। জানাবেন

  3. Hi Al-Amin,
    Enjoyed the tutorial. Like to know more about Long Tail Pro and Long Tail Platinum version. Are these KW Tools can be used freely. If yes, could you please give us the download link.


  4. Vaiya,
    Thanks For The This Outstanding Tutorial.
    Keyword research er khetre ki shudu Best and review ei duita diyei check korbo sobsomoy… r jodi search kore keyword er Kc 30 er niche na pai kono niche er khetre tahole ki korar ase…..
    Eita jodi ektu bolten Khub Valo hoto.. @Al-Amin Kabir Vai

  5. Long tail pro free version to kaj kortese na.ami 2.4.42 version use kortesi.Kisu search dile load hoite thake ar kichu ase na.amar net speed 1 mbps.Any solution??

  6. what is the next process after select LTP? do we need further research for selected keywords from LTP?
    thank you

  7. Thank You Vai. very much resourceful video. You said at the last of the video there have some more research which you will share next time in your class. I am newbie (prepare me to drive in the competitive market) and there have few people also who we are learning from your fb group. If you please share with us more about research, it will be a great chance to start work perfectly. Thanks again.

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