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Keyword Research video lesson explains how to find keywords through researching Google search box. Latest tutorials

Most online marketers and website owners already know how to use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool

RankYa YouTube channel also has video tutorials for conducting keyword research, simply search our channel by following this link:

Using advanced search queries and wrapping sample keywords within double quotes as well as using the * wildcard operator will show you most searched keywords in Google search box.

Keyword Research 2017 video lesson also explains how to do keyword research through anticipation for your industry news and updates. The video tutorial also provides examples for websites related to movies genre.

More insights can be found on RankYa blog latest post related to keyword targeting and research here:

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  1. I have a question that is constantly coming up to my mind and If you could kindly answer it would be great. Imagine I want to make content around this keyword: " Banana Bread" however this keyword is highly competitive. I go to keyword planner and I find this: " Banana Bread Recipe" or " Gluten Free Banana Bread" or " Gluten free banana bread recipe" The whole phrase has less number of searches. My question is If I originally wanted to rank for "Banana Bread" and it was too competitive I can use another phrase that has that seed keyword in it but as a whole is less competitive,( ie Gluten free banana bread recipe) do I still rank for that main high competitive keyword( banana bread)or I really rank for the phrase " Gluten free banana bread recipe" only?

  2. I have a question here: I have Keyword everwhere chrome extension which gives me the exact number of keywords searched in Keyword planner. Now I have the idea of a keyword and based on what you said I understand to use google search box to turn a two three word phrase into a long tail keyword. Right? My question here is how the best possible way I should find the ideal two three word phrase which is going to to be my seed broad short tail keyword? What criteria should I consider and what number of searches should I count?Should consider whether there is a competitive website or youtube video for it? should I look at the difficulty score on KWfinder? Should I just consider its number of searches per month to be between 1000 to 15,000? should I look at its cpc rate of at least 0.25 ? should I look at the PA and DA of the competitive websites to see whether the keyword is hard to rank for? I also have Moz bar chrome extension which tells me the DA and PA of the competitive websites? So what is confusing is; exactly from the beginning to the end what should I have in mind for a phrase and kind of safety check should I do on it to consider it. Also my short tail keyword, should it be two or three keyword?

  3. Ah yes… And this video would be an excellent depiction of your idea of anticipation. Great vid content! I will look forward to seeing more content.

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