Jungle Scout’s Million Dollar Case Study: Session #11: Listing Optimization & Keyword Research

In this session, Jungle Scout’s Greg Mercer and Kym Ellis start crafting an optimized listing to target the best keywords for highly qualified Amazon traffic.

20 thoughts on “Jungle Scout’s Million Dollar Case Study: Session #11: Listing Optimization & Keyword Research”

  1. I've noticed in your bullet points you don't go for the full 500 character count? Is that because it looks too messy and condensed and your way looks clearer? or not? Just looking for some advice there on why ? 😉 Thanks

  2. Hi,really appreciate the great content you and your team are providing on this platform. My question is Do I have to start right away with private products label or I can go in for already listed and hot selling product I come up with after my research with the jungle scout tool..? My rationale behind the latter is to raise capital for the private labelling. Thanks

  3. I just discovered you guys by accident on youtube and you guys are an inspiration! I've been watching your videos for the past 3 days every chance I get and am super excited to learn everything! Thank you so much! How can I get more info on how to join you guys live?

  4. Hello, it would be awesome to get some explanations & tips re- the colors used in Kym's excel sheet.. thanks a lot! 🙂

  5. Rules regarding backend search terms are changed ,there is a risk that You will not rank at all on those keywords if You put that many .

  6. This #11 video speaks about Brand and Private Labels interchangeably because this was recorded before April, 2017. Is Enhanced Content available for Private Labels?

  7. Thank you for this series! This is like gold for some of us. Kim, I'm not into British English I personally prefer the US one and I live in UK (Hemel), but you, how you speak it makes it very enjoyable or I don't know how to describe it. I will definitely offer you a coffee if we meet in Hemel. Good videos guys. Thank you a lot!

  8. Hi there, the spread sheet is so great!! Can anyone explain what are the different colours in the 'Jungle snug' spread sheet used for? I noticed that green is for the best KW and maybe pink is for the worst ones?? but then there are a few more colours in each table… I would appreciate if someone can elaborate about how to actually organise and monitor the spread sheet. Thanks a lot!!

  9. i edited my listing and it dropped my rank for all my main keywords, why would this be? I've noticed that editing my listing often affects the keyword rank of my product, however never this negatively.

  10. When adding keywords to your back end does it make a difference if you start the words with upper or lower case & does case sensitivity make a difference? e.g. "Jungle Snugs" as opposed to "jungle snugs"

  11. How do get that bar graph in google adword keyword planner? When I type in keywords all it gives is estimated search volume, and not the bar graph.

  12. Having a question though,I am about to launch my first product and wonder whats happening if my product arrive at amazon warehouse before i am done with my listing?Which is the actuall step that makes my product alive on amazone once i am done with the listing details and the goods are already in the warehouse? Thank you , To more and better

  13. Some words on google have a range 1-10 million and i can't get anything specific even after setting up and pausing a campaign.
    How do i get specific data without giving googe lots of dosh before i even start selling?

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