Increase YouTube Subscribers & Improve Your Video Rankings

Need more YouTube subscribers and traffic to your videos? Here’s a quick tip on how to research keywords for your YouTube videos to help with ranking videos. Here’s the SEO chat tool mentioned.

19 thoughts on “Increase YouTube Subscribers & Improve Your Video Rankings”

  1. Very impressive Lisa. You delivered well beyond expectations. Glad I popped by, as I got more than I had bargained ops, expected.
    Thanks big time…

    Oh, by the way, keep your top on, yo do great

  2. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I'm so glad that I found you! I'm getting ready to start a new channel after youtubing for fun for 8 years! 8 YEARS of no strategy. But now I want a strategy. So glad I found you to get started properly with!

  3. Very Helpful. I find after putting a few tags im not sure what else to put. The Search Site actually helped quite a bit. Thanks ^_^ Liked! Subbed 😀

  4. great and insipring.
    hey lisa would you please tell me which whiteboard animation software you use in this video
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    i will be verry thankful for this
    vikash academy

  5. Let me ask you this, what if my channel has videos that are different from each other, like mixed videos of different things, what you say about keyword to that. would it be different key words for different names or activites?

  6. Great video once again. Simply Awesome.Great job.
    I have always been a fan of your videos and aim to be like you someday.
    I like your videos a lot. I could swear on them. They inspired me a lot.
    I have started a website as well as a YouTube channel with the same name.
    My content is a little different than yours because I know there is no point competing with you. You will always win.
    My actual ID is different. This is an email for the website.
    Please do this fan of yours a favour and see my website and channel. Please suggest some tips on how I can improve them.
    I am sure you can help me much more. See if my channel deserves a feature on your channel.

  7. Great video Lisa! Along with a lot of these other people, I wish I would have found this video earlier. Thank you!

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