How to Start a Niche Website from Scratch? This was the first niche website that I ever created online. I picked the wrong niche – I should have checked the google adwords keyword tool to find out whether my niche was profitable. Paintball is not a profitable niche, but there are many good niches that you can find by searching on the google keyword tool.

I actually reveal one high quality niche in the video. So this is really a must watch if you’re looking to get started making money with affiliate websites. In fact, if you want to learn affiliate marketing tips, then subscribing to my channel is a good choice for you. I am constantly publishing new content, that will help you with your affiliate marketing.

That’s all for now. Good luck creating affilaite websites.

Do you want to start making money using your own niche website, but don’t know where to start? This video is your place to start! You’ll take a look at the first niche site that I ever created, and find out where I went wrong! Learn these common mistakes that beginners make, so you don’t fall into the same traps!

There are a couple of common pitfalls to avoid when creating your niche website. The most important thing that you’ll learn is how to choose the right niche. You want to choose a category that has lots of customers who are desperate to spend their money online! You can get a huge head start by using the Google Adwords tool for keyword research. It’s free to use, and can save you from disaster! Check out how to research by typing in a main root keyword for your niche, and find out what to look for to find out if your niche is profitable.

You’ll also learn what kind of keywords that you should be looking for in the first place. See why buyer-related keywords absolutely blow informational keywords out of the water when it comes to making money! Then, find out how to put your profitable keywords to good use by writing quality reviews. Save time by outsourcing if you can, otherwise it can take months to make your site! You can also see the one simple change that I made to my floundering site that doubled my monthly revenue, and learn what makes it so effective!

If you do due diligence on your niche, and go for powerful buying keywords, you can have an amazingly successful niche in no time! So take all this valuable information and run with it, and you’ll be astounded at how successful you can be!

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