How To Research Your Niche For Beginners

Learn how to research your niche for beginners, To do your own niche research using free tools is an exciting way of finding out what people search for in google everyday and also gives you the ability to see if your niche is worth targeting. So Lets get down to the good stuff! Watch the video.
In most cases, your first step in starting with affiliate marketing would be to decide what it is you want to promote AKA your “niche”. A niche in online marketing simply means an item or a service that serves a specific group of audience. For example, instead of targeting the keyword shoes when trying to get a domain name for your site, it would be red flat shoes.

Most affiliate marketers prefer niche sites over sites that cover broad topics and subcategories because niche sites are easier to rank high up in the search engines and brands you as an expert in your field.The problem with niche sites when you are just starting out though, is the fact that you have limited options, you do not have the ability to promote other services or products.

This is why I think that for beginners, it is better to aim for a middle ground, your middle ground between shoes and red flat shoes would be flat shoes. Finding your niche is the most important step in starting any online business. Here are a few highly targeted niche ideas to help get you thinking.
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  1. #LifeStylingSpace, Erika you had a video where you spoke about Pintrest Trend, which was on how to find pins that are in trend and make pins similar to those I am trying to search through your videos but i can not find it , do you know which video was it?

  2. Actually that is pretty good!!! #1 there is no 100% successful, perfect product. This product I would try and recommend. Sitting on the couch and hand picking products is not the way to go. Did you know that out of spite, people will complaim just because it took a company to reply to a question that was put in 6 months ago. Did you now that just because it happend to someone else it may not happen to YOU. Lady, you are so wrong! There are people who are just so negative that, if you followed them, they would make you, your personality- your spirit want to run away from them.

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