How to Pick a Profitable Niche for Your Online Business | Keyword Tool Tutorial

Finding your perfect niche – not too broad, not too narrow, with high income potential and in line with your interests… that’s THE most important first step to online business success. SBI!’s smart keyword brainstorming & niche finding tool 👉

Now, let us show you how Brainstorm It! helps you discover and refine your perfect business niche with a real life example. Meet Maggie. She’s just started her online business journey with Solo Build It!.

She loves anything to do with gifts, so she wants her business to be within that area of interest. But gifts is extremely broad and competitive, so she fires up Brainstorm It! to help her find her Goldilocks niche.

Not only does Brainstorm It! bring back hundreds of potential site concepts, it also shows how many people search for each keyword (demand) and how strong the competition is (supply).

With the filter and sorting options in the tools’s “Master Keyword List” you can easily compare various niche ideas. You’ll see the niche’s depth and winnability. In other words, you will know if there are enough related keywords with good demand and not too much competition.

Brainstorm It! takes the guesswork out of your niche decision. After all, you want to make money with your blog or website, right?

What idea would you love to turn into a profitable online business? Solo Build It! includes all you need. Awesome tools like Brainstorm It!, the step-by-step Action Guide, world-class support and a super helpful community of fellow solopreneurs.

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