How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2017 – With WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone.

Learn How to make an Amazon Affiliate Website. View some example sites with earnings here:


In this video I take you through how to make an Amazon Affiliate Website with WordPress. The site you’ll be making allows you to own a mini ecommerce affiliate website with a Woocommerce powered shopping cart. When your visitor goes through the checkout they are seamlessly redirected to Amazon to make their purchase. With a 90 day cookie, any purchase made within this time will earn you a commission! If you don’t fancy a checkout and just want direct links, you can do that too.

Check out the DEMO site here:

For all the info check out the full tutorial on my website:

This video tutorial includes everything you need from setting up your hosting through to creating the site and adding your products. You’ll also learn about SEO, what makes a successful site and how to add content. Don’t worry if you’ve never setup a website before, I take you through everything step by step as you look over my shoulder.

Amazon Affiliate Website essential links:

Here’s the resources mentioned in the video. You’ll need these to complete the tutorial.

Hosting – Hostgator (use discount code EAGLE30 or EAGLEPENNY depending on your plan):
Kingdom Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme:
Woozone Amazon Affiliate plugin:
AA TEAM support docs:

Recommended Links:

These are all mentioned in the video, and you might find them useful.

Fetch FTP software (Mac):
WinSCP FTP software (Windows):

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Choosing a niche:
Connecting to your site with FTP:
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How to create a logo:
Using firebug to edit CSS:

For the CSS and other codes visit:

What is an Amazon Affiliate: 01:13
Choosing your Niche: 01:55
How much can earn as an Amazon Affiliate
How much does it cost to setup an amazon affiliate website: 03:58
Setting up the hosting: 07:46
Repointing an existing domain name: 17:40
Install WordPress onto your hostgator hosting: 20:00
Logging into your WordPress website: 23:03
Removing unwanted WordPress plugins: 24:57
Updating WordPress to the latest version: 26:34
Downloading and Installing the Kingdom Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme: 28:03
Installing essential Kingdom Theme plugins: 32:24
Downloading and installing the Woozone Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin: 33:44
Configuring Woocommerce: 37:11
Increasing the server PHP memory limit: 38:36
Configuring Woozone: 44:30
Amazon Affiliate Explained: 45:35
Creating and adding your Amazon API keys:
Entering your Affiliate IDs: 51:22
Kingdom Theme Options: 54:06
Adding your logo: 54:22
Setting your website colours: 55:57
Adding Amazon products to the site: 59:29
Adding your website navigation (menu): 01:04:49
Adjusting the โ€œas ofโ€ text on products: 01:11:44
Setting up the homepage: 01:15:33
Adding a slider to the homepage: 01:26:57
Adding your static pages, like the about us: 01:35:25
Setting up the header menu: 01:38:15
Adjusting the header text: 01:39:20
Configuring the website footer: 01:40:58
Adjusting the permalinks (URLs): 01:42:29
Removing the white background on the partner logos: 01:45:21
Footer Widgets: 01:49:23
Setting up the blog and adding some blog posts: 01:53:08
Adding your social media profile links: 02:04:54
Basic SEO settings: 02:05:53
Outro: 02:20:48

20 thoughts on “How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2017 – With WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone.”

  1. Followed all the steps giving but I'm hung up at 36:57 as i downloaded what you said to but it wont let me install this woo commerce it has no Run Setup button. thanks

  2. great video man ,I have a problem ,I have the new kingdom 3.4,in my home page when I try to add featured products it doesn't have product kingdom slide show ,I know you add it the code but it will not work in the new version ,how can I add that the slide product show ,thank you

  3. How do I put the latest blog posts part below the product category using the wpbakery page builder? I'm confused with this one.

  4. hi alex your videos are very informative!!! is it possible to build one website to promote multiple affiliate products from difeerent companies???

  5. HOME ARCHIVE FOR – then the product category name – I get this heading at the top of product category pages and cannot find where to remove it. I've checked all your videos and cannot find how to change this. Alex could you point me to the correct tutorial. Thanks

  6. I need help! Trying to get checkout page to pop up in different tab so customers don't have to leave my site, can someone assist me with this? Thank you!

  7. Hello WP Eagle, great video. I have a question I'm making an Amazon affiliate website (solely based on Amazon products) I was wondering can I use brand logo's on my website without owners permission?

  8. Good and detailed video. I am actually only interested in a small part regarding the affiliate structure. Im working on speccs for my webstore as im a producer. This webstore should have a affiliate solution so other people can make money on marketing my products and store. As im not very techical and have little patience with this kind of stuff im searching around to find some information about how I should specc the affiliate feature in my store. I mean how do a affilater link/register to my store? How does the transaction work? I have not watched the whole of this video but if there is a part on how you get affiliate products and how you register to amazon and get the affiliate agreement I would be very grateful if you could link me the "time" on where this is shown in this video. Feedback would be much apriciated. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Helpful tip:
    Now with 3.4.1 when he's going to customize and kingdom theme to change the phone number in the top right corner or anything with going into kingdom theme, you can go to customize, and go to top bar and change it there. Also, when you click on the pens on the webpage while in customize, you can change the colors and even set a background image. Now if nothing shows up on the left side after clicking on a pen, click on the left side in the grey area and the tools should show up.

  10. Well my Niche website was ended by Amazon after being online for 3 months..I finally spiked up more than 3 sales after getting a notice from amazon saying i have yet to make sale at the 90 day I finally did for the Christmas shopping season..15 to be exact and I get this message from amazon and they closed my account. Maybe I should not have promoted a new music CD or products on facebook….go figure!! I emailed them. No response removing all my products and will be moving to Walmart..dont need this sudden email kill without a notice of a specific violation..shame on me for making amazon money so fast,….geez!


    We currently accept only &quotFan Pages,&quot &quotVerified&quot pages and/or a YouTube &quotchannel&quot in the Associates program. All other social network sites are not eligible to add Associate links, or for use to create an Associates Account.

    In reviewing your website, we noticed that the URL listed on your application is a social network website. However, your site is not an approved social network or established with enough unique content and followers yet. At this time, we are unable to approve your application and have closed the account under which you had been temporarily approved.


  12. I have a question. this is for amazon affiliate. But if i work as affiliate of some local companies. then how would i solve it. I mean, usually i need to put "Buy now" link and if someone click the link it would redirect to the main company page. this is the way i can do it. But if i use woocommerce theme, they allow only add to cart option. and they don't allow to show post options. is there any way to show posts section in woo commerce website. without post section is it possible to put links of local affiliate in woocommerce site. ?

  13. why do you need to add affiliate ids for every country if you have to create a new website for each country? not making much sense.

  14. The short codes aren't working on my homepage, the columns are fine but I get the in brackets text to show 'FEATURED PRODUCTS'

  15. Hi, thank you for the video, very clear and instructive. Have a few questions. Can the theme you ordered be used for several sites once you purchased it, the same is for the plugin? I guess the answer is yes but just want to be sure because this is an investment and if one can use it many times then this should be fine.

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