How to Launch: Choosing Your Target Keyword (5)

Your target keyword is the search term(s) that you want to increase in rank for.

How Keywords Work in the Launchpad

You’re able to target up to four keywords with each launch. However, we typically recommend targeting only one keyword per launch. Targeting multiple keywords dilutes your efforts, in a sense. With our Organic URL, each transaction can only target one keyword. So, targeting two keywords will split the total units in half.

For example, if you scheduled a launch for 200 units targeting two keywords, 100 units would go to each keyword. This may result in both keywords not getting the ranking that you set out to achieve.

How to Know Which Keyword to Target

There are a couple different ways to choose your target keyword. Typically, we suggest going after your product’s most popular keyword in order to get the most visibility possible. For example, a good keyword for a first aid kit would be… well… first aid kit.

Search estimation tools like MerchantWords have been known to give inaccurate search volume estimates, but it can helpful in determining how certain keywords perform relative to others. Another method to determining some of your most popular keywords is to start typing your product into Amazon’s search bar to see product suggestions, as many shoppers will use this as a guide while shopping.

If you’re already ranking well for your main keyword, you may choose to go after some smaller-volume keywords. Or, if your product is brand new, you may choose to go after a less competitive keyword to more easily maintain rank.

Just remember, maximum sales potential comes from an optimized listing and visibility, so it is important to choose a target keyword that will put you in front of lots of shoppers looking for your product.

***IMPORTANT things to do when selecting your target keyword:

1. Make sure you’re indexing for the keyword that you’re targeting. You can check this by running an Amazon search: “ASIN Keyword”

2. Put your target keyword in your title. Otherwise, the launch may be unsuccessful.

3. Make sure your product is in the correct category. Amazon auto-filters results for certain keyword search results. If you are categorized incorrectly, you will not show up as a search result.