How to Increase Google Adsense CPC for Website & Youtube [Urdu/Hindi]

Do you know how to increase Google Adsense CPC for Youtube or Website and increase your Adsense earning? If not so this video tutorial will help you.
In this video I am going to show you how to increase your youtube or website Adsense earning by increasing CPC (cost per click) which you can do by using few steps, so let me explain for you:
Please note: this tutorial can be used for both youtube and website user because I am going to show you simple 2 tricks for the website and one for youtube.
Login in your non hosted Adsense and click on “My Ads” +New Unit and create “Text & Display” ad but make sure you choose the responsive size as Adsense chooses to default, now place that code in your site any area where you can to show ads.
After that second step should be “high CPC finding keywords”.
Don’t worry you can find without any paid tools just type “high CPC keywords” and open first 4,5 sites and then press ctrl+f to find or search your niche relevant keywords and see CPC.
You have to just find first main keyword then you can explore that keyword and find much more relevant high CPC keyword that will increase your Google Adsense CPC.
For example, your main niche is “Health” and you got keyword “home dit plan” which has high CPC so you can simply write this keyword in website, you will get a lot of new relevant keywords which you can use in your website post, title, article.
The second step same goes for youtube high CPC.
Just do same keyword researching as I said above for youtube also and use those keywords in your video title, description, and tags.

=Try this method, it’s 100% working!=

NOTE: Please don’t do spamming in youtube or website if you do so you won’t get good CPC and in addition, Google may take action against your site or youtube videos in “Spamming” case, so just use RELEVANT Keywords only.

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