How To Find The Best Keywords on YouTube? 🔥🔥 vidIQ Q&A

Learning how to do Keyword Research on YouTube for SEO can be difficult! This episode we cover the basics of keywords as well as how to find the very best ones.
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20 thoughts on “How To Find The Best Keywords on YouTube? 🔥🔥 vidIQ Q&A”

  1. Hey. Just wanted to let people know, that the "Verification Trick" does not work anymore, so no need to rush over to Game Tech all at once 🙂
    As the rules are right now, you need to have 100k + subs to get verified.

  2. Hmm will mean so much if you have a look on my channel and make video like this one with your tips how to improve 🙂

  3. So here’s my question how do I use vidiq from start to finish when creating a new video. I mean I have the video I created the content but then it’s time for the tags and title that best works for my video can you please help.

  4. Do you ever review people's channels? I'd love it if you could review mine and provide me with any pointers if that's something your able to do. I watch all your videos and take copious notes.

  5. Can I ask something, what is the SEO point? What happenned when my SEO point higher? Thank you, im sorry if my question are stupid but im new to youtube so please let me know! Im using VidIQ too, it helps me alot!

  6. Hello, VidIQ. My channel is a gaming channel, but I also do commentaries on trending topics and other interesting topics happening around the world while playing various games.I was wondering when I upload my videos, should I upload it in the gaming section or the educational section? Thanks in advance for your help.

  7. My question comes like this, I made a video using a tag that was low competition High search volume, my actionable was 5/5 but i then barely ranked at all. I am confused as to why….

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