How To Find Profitable Niche Markets & Keywords

One of the biggest sticking points for a lot of newbie affiliate marketings seems to be the whole ‘choosing a niche’ thing so I make this video to show you guys exactly how to find a niche that’s both extremely profitable but also easy to rank for in the search engines.

Coming up with niche ideas can be tough if you don’t know what you are doing but with these simple tips I’ll help you to get on the right track!

This video is part of a affiliate marketing newbie crash course that I put together which can be found here:

20 thoughts on “How To Find Profitable Niche Markets & Keywords”

  1. Brother I hope u r living well? U can be a lazy stoner when ur a Fucking genius, Im a stoner with family I got hurt at work  stay at home dad need income HELP

  2. The one thing I am struggling with is understanding what actually goes on these sites! If we are at the point of doing multiple sites, and choosing niches with these guidelines, how is one supposed to create content for it when it's likely we won't have much to write on a niche found?

  3. hey bro … i got a niche with 5m search monthly and less then 500k search in google(based on third world country search mostly) . what you saying i should build a social media on that niche? (it's foreign words but i can tweak it to my own meaning lol)

  4. hello bro, i just enter your mentalism page, but i dont understand how you make money from it, there are like 7 articles , all freee, and no affiliatte link, or redirect your traffic to an ebook or else, how this page makes you money >?, thanks

  5. What if it is a niche that gets over 50 million results in the search engine but only a few authority sites or online stores of quality are available for the niche that your interested in?

  6. The modern version of AdWords REQUIRES that you already have a website running. You cannot make an account without it.

  7. hey bro so when you talked about a niche in general is it what you may call "pure organic" i mean you get traffic just because it's relevant basically right?

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