How To Find Profitable Keywords –
In this video I show you how to find profitable keywords using a couple of techniques and tools that can be
utilised so you know for sure that a keyword will be profitable for you. Learn how to find profitable keywords
the right way now.

Hey Michael Higgins here and welcome to my home office here in Brisbane QLD, Australia.
So you’re looking for information on how to find profitable keywords. Fantastic, in this video I will show you a
few techniques and tools you can use so you know exactly how to find profitable keywords but stick around to the
end of this video because I also have a very special gift for you.

Okay let’s begin.

How to find profitable keywords step 1: Long tail keywords – The most effective keywords that you can target for
your business are long tail keywords. These usually have more than three words in them.
For example, the long tail keyword: How to start an online business is way more profitable than just the short
tail version: Online business

Why is that? Because people who are more specific in their search are also more serious in getting the
information they are searching for. It’s a hungrier market.
You definitely want hungry people!

Okay now I’m assuming that you know how to use the Google Keyword Planner to find your keywords.

If now it’s very simple. You simply sign up for a Google Adwords account. There is training onhow to use
the Keyword Planner in Google Adwords.

After researching on Google Keyword Planner there is one more step you need to do to work out whether it will be
profitable for you.

How to find profitable keywords step 2: Competition!

To check this I use Market Samurai.

I type the keyword in. Click SEO Competition. Now here, I’m looking for more green and less red. If I see more
green I can use this keyword.

I’ll also know exactly what it’s going to take to get my content ranking. If you’re not ranking your keywords,
than you’re literally wasting your time.

So hopefully that has opened your eyes on how to find profitable keywords. Okay now to your free gift.

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