How to Find Pages That Send Your Competitors Organic Search Traffic

What better way is there to get organic traffic than to see what’s working for your competitors? This video shows a competitor analysis on a website’s most visited pages from organic search.
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The SEO tool that’s used in the video is Ahrefs’ Site Explorer (

This tool gives you valuable data on any website’s backlink profile, organic keyword rankings, top pages, and much more.

Sam Oh will walk you through an actionable competitor analysis you can use to find the pages that send your competitors the most organic search traffic.

With this data, you can find new content opportunities that your competitors are ranking for in Google and replicate the pages that send them a lot of organic traffic.

If you’re a blogger, you’ll also learn a smart way to create data-driven outlines for your blog posts. The method is based on reverse engineering your competitor’s organic keyword rankings and identifying keyword phrases that fit together to create one cohesive blog post.

Sam also mentions a case study that was done on the Ahrefs blog on 3 million random search queries.

You can read that original Ahrefs study here, which proves that keyword research isn’t about targeting a single or just a few keywords.

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