How To Find Low Competition Keywords From YouTube

Learn my 7 step process for How To Find Low Competition Keywords From YouTube. Did you know it’s easier to rank videos on YouTube if the keywords you choose are less competitive? When you gain first page rankings for less competitive keywords, it will be easier to rank for the compettive ones as your channel gains more authority.

Your channel will gain more authority as you upload more videos that generate search traffic from people discovering them on YouTube and/or Google.

Here is my 7 step process for finding keywords from YouTube that get search traffic but don’t have many competitors…

Step 1.
Choose one main niche keyword
Step 2
Enter it into the YouTube Suggest Box
Step 3
Create a list of suggested keyword phrases
Step 4
Check the search volume
Step 5
Reverse engineer your competition
Step 6
Create a video that keeps viewers engaged
Step 7
Track video performance

Bonus Tip
Repeat this process for your other main niche keywords so you build channel authority. As your channel gains more authority it will be easier to rank for more competitive keywords.

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