How to Find Long Tail Keywords in Google (Lazy Way)

In this video, I show you a super simple method to snipe long tail keywords using the Google keyword tool. This is 100% free, no need to buy any software to make this work.

If you are trying to increase your search rankings, or just get more search engine rankings on Google, you MUST master the concept of long tail keyword research.

Definitions vary on the meaning of “long tail keywords” but I define it as a keyword phrase that is bigger than 4 words, and easy to rank for on page 1 Google.

Consider these search engine “low hanging fruit” keyword terms.

These are especially important when they are applied to YouTube video rankings, because by getting small trickles of traffic to your videos from search engines, you can increase the views on your videos significantly!

Also, when you really want to dominate long tail keywords, I recommend approaching them by making 2-3 minute youtube videos specifically targeted towards the keyword you are trying to rank for. make sure your content also matches the keywords you are trying to rank for!

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12 thoughts on “How to Find Long Tail Keywords in Google (Lazy Way)”

  1. Would it be best to create an entire blog using that keyword or would a simple post be sufficient enough to gain traffic to the blog?

  2. "how to get" then it says "how to get away with murderer" lmfao that is actually a top search result oh man. must become a super affiliate, so I don't have to leave the house into this crazy world….

  3. Do you have any videos on how to RANK keywords? Or where to place them on your website in order to rank them? That's where i'm currently lost at.

  4. Proficient video, I never thought of using google search for adding tags or keywords on my videos! Thanks a lot for the info!

  5. I experimented with this suggestion for the products I chose to promote (via one of the Deadbeat Millionaire sites). Surprisingly enough, as I went through the alphabet I saw search suggestions for "[keyword] + Amazon/eBay/Target/Walmart". This serves as an answer to those who questions what service an affiliate marketer serves when people can go straight to the website itself to find something. Obviously many don't.

    I can see how browsing through Amazon or other big ecommerce sites might be too overwhelming or information overload for some, so we should consider that there is a subset of buyers we are providing a service for by cutting out the "noise" of a bigger website.

    I used to know an older lady who liked to spend time on YouTube, and no matter how many times I told her she could enter the site address in the address bar, she'd put "youtube" into the search engine on her browser homepage (Yahoo), and then sometimes would mistaken click an ad at the top of the search results page instead of the legitimate link. Older and less sophisticated users are likely taken advantage of because of this, but these types of online behavior patterns also represent (ethical) opportunity.

  6. hey Dan how are you?! I'm looking at this long tail phrase video and wondering once I find these long tail keywords do we sprinkle them into our article along with our other our regular keywords to get rankings we want?

  7. I use this method also myself for my videos .You can also launch jack keywords that will get traffic the next year for example best smartphones 2017 so that when the next year comes you are already on the first page of Google with little to no competition.

  8. the term 'long tail' doesn't actually refer to the length of the phrase that you're targeting. people assume that but it's false. it refers to keywords that are low search volume and strong intent. it just so happens that often long tail keywords are more descriptive, therefore longer.

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