13 thoughts on “How to Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO”

  1. Great topic, sometimes it was a little hard for me to get you right on the first listening. May be it would a good idea to work a little on your mumbling 😉

  2. Sorry another question. The average monthly searches on your video at 54 secs is 33,100 then 5,400 and so on. When I do this search it is only giving me an estimate as in 10k to 100k or 10 to 100. Do you know what I can do to fix this and get a more exact figure – maybe I am being too pedantic however…

  3. Hi could you explain to me about how the DA metric is relevant. As far as I am aware the DA measures how many links are linking to a site – I know its more complicated than this. I would be extremely greatful if you could elaborate on this. Thanks!

  4. excellent video description
    I want to check out the course that you advertise at the endof the video but there is a problem resulting to a 404
    check your server and let me know right away where I can sign up ps@easyyes.com

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