How to find easy keywords to rank for (Basic keyword research with Ahrefs Keywords Explorer)

Eager to learn more about some amazing keyword opportunities that your competitors might not even know about yet? Discover how to find some easy keywords that you can potentially rank for within a month or two.

Step 1: Finding tons of great keyword ideas with the help of Ahrefs powerful Keywords Explorer (

– enter one or two top-level terms related to your website and click “Explore”;

– scroll down to see a section Keyword ideas – Having same terms, click to view the full report and you’ll see the list ordered by search Volume.

Step 2: Finding the best keyword opportunities for you.

What metrics can help you to find the best keyword opportunities? Search Volume is one of the first things you’ll look at. The second is for sure Keyword Difficulty score.

When you first open the report, you get cached KD, but you may easily refresh it by clicking on “Get metrics” button and get the most current data.

Under each term you can also see a few icons that show you what people see in the SERPs: shopping, ad, sitelinks, image. So if you put this keyword into Google, you may see them.

Pick up the keyword you are interested in, refresh the metrics, open it in a new tab, and look at the Overview page for the keyword to check its KD.

Step 3: Researching the number of referring domains you need.

Based on the KD reported for a keyword, you may identify how many backlinks you need to rank in the top 10 for this keyword.

Scroll down to the SERPs overview where you see all the top ranking pages with the number of referring domains reported for each of the page.

Step 4: Reviewing clicks and clicks per search.

Traditionally we use search Volume to determine how much traffic a keyword could send to your page if you rank well for this keyword. But just because people search for a term does not mean they click on the results.

That is why we’ve developed a “Clicks” metric: you can use it to confirm that a keyword doesn’t just have a high search Volume, but can actually send traffic to your page.

Thus, instead of finding keywords with high search Volume and assuming they’ll send you a lot of traffic, you can verify that the term actually gets clicked in the SERPs. So you know for sure how much traffic you can get from it.

Now you know how important it is to add “Clicks” to the search metrics you review when picking your best keyword opportunities and how to create a list of the easy keywords that you can possibly rank for in just a few months!

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  2. How accurate is this feature: You'll need backlinks from ~___ websites to rank in top 10 for this keyword?
    What about the matter of matrices?

  3. Thank you so much for great video. It was so hard for me to decide which keyword I should focus but your video awakened me with professional ways of Keyword Ranking in Search Engines. Thanks for your time and help madam

  4. There is a big problem with this method. Many times, too much actually, the top results for a specific keyword have backlinks impossible to replicate. These backlinks come from websites (aggregators, weird pages and normal pages) where you can't create a backlink for your content. What you have to do in such cases?

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