How to do SEO keyword research: strategies, software tools & more

How to do SEO keyword research tutorial: strategies, software tools, competition and search volume!

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In this tutorial I explain what is SEO keyword research, why it is extremely important to do SEO keyword research before you create content, and how to do keyword research correctly so that you can put yourself in a great position to get traffic long-term.

In inbound and content marketing, keyword research is monumentally important for two reasons. The first reason that your SEO keyword research is important is that the keyword signifies the intent the person has. And intent is the determining factor at the moment of the search for whether this person is within the target market for your business. If a person has intent to buy your product, they are much more likely to buy it than people who just randomly discover your site.

The second reason SEO keyword research is so important is that if a keyword is not commonly searched, then it doesn’t matter whether your site ranks for it. Similarly, if a keyword is searched often, but is extremely competitive, then it will also be difficult to get traffic from it because many sites will be ahead of you. So when you do your keyword research, make sure that you have a big enough keyword with as little competition as possible. So when you do your SEO keyword research, make sure that you choose keywords that have enough volume, and are also ones in which your website can rank for.

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It would be great if you try these SEO keyword research strategies and come back to this video and comment to share what worked and what might not have worked.

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Keyword research is an extremely important part of your content marketing. Without keyword research, you leave it up to chance whether you will rank for any keywords in search. And the search can be Google search, YouTube search, or any other platform where your content will live and people may search.

Perform your keyword research by taking a look at existing search results and determine whether you will be able to compete for a keyword that you choose.

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