How to do PROPER Keyword Research and find BUYERS KEYWORDS with the Google Keyword Planner

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Keyword Research Tutorial – How to do Keyword Research in 2017 & Beyond!
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How to do PROPER Keyword Research and find BUYERS KEYWORDS with the Google Keyword Planner

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EDIT: Obviously Google has changed the game a bit, and it’s not giving you the EXACT keyword volume anymore, but that’s easy to get around!

Just start a Google ad for ANY keyword to any URL and PAUSE IT

You don’t have to pay a dime, but having the ‘active’ campaign will allow you to access the exact monthly search volume like demoed in this video 🙂

Just for fun, the keywords I found using Google’s KW Planner and Traffic Travis are:

how to lose weight in your arms
how to lose weight in your butt
how to lose weight in your face
how to lose weight in your legs
how to lose weight in your thighs
how to lose weight on your face

20 thoughts on “How to do PROPER Keyword Research and find BUYERS KEYWORDS with the Google Keyword Planner”

  1. 'how to lose weight without exercise this is the ultimate lazy person''

    While It clearly says how to lose weight with exercise. go figure

  2. Hi Jeff, I was wondering, can you do a new version of this training? As always Google have changed the playing field and the Average Monthly Searches have changed and it's difficult to follow you, they really like making it difficult don't they. I hope you can, because I'm sure it will help other people as well. Aldo

  3. Awesome information, as a newbie to SEO I'm glad I found you and I'm going to follow you in all your lessons. Thanks heaps. Aldo

  4. Ok I need help because I'm kind of an amateur when it comes to marketing and keywords on my site.
    OK I found the right keywords what do I do with them? do I have to add them to one of my paragraphs so google notices it. or headings or keyword search. I don't know! please help

  5. Thanks Jeff,
    The video is very informative and to detail. As a newbie, I was stuck but now I'm good to go. Thanks once again

  6. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to learn about KEYWORDS GO HERE try Corbandy Wedding Speech Crusher (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my colleague got great success with it.

  7. My search results are coming in ranging from 10k-100k and says I would have to create a campaign in order to get more detailed search results. In order to do that it needs my billing information. Do I need to pay for detailed searched? I know this is an old video but just checking or is there another similar software with detailed search results?

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