How to do Keyword Research with vidIQ – Tutorial

Learn how to do YouTube Keyword research with vidIQ to get you more views on your videos.

Using better keywords will help you improve your discoverability with SEO increasing your search and suggested views.

For keyword research on vidIQ:
For keyword research in chrome extension install here:
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10 thoughts on “How to do Keyword Research with vidIQ – Tutorial”

  1. In your key work search, I think it’s would be helpful to be able to sort the columns. Plus, Your tips are vague. Tell the end-user in your tips exactly the score we should be aiming for. For example, I mouse over the question mark and the information is not exact. Is the score I to 100? Should I pick high or low? You should put that information in the tips in the question mark.
    All the best and I will try to optimize my channel today.

  2. you say to not use names of popular channels… why is this? i assume because it lowers your creator suggested videos somehow, but i'm not sure about the ins and outs of it.

    does vidiq offer any articles or resources in regards to small random tips like this?

  3. i LOVE VIDIQ BUUUUUTTTTTT…i need a list of keywords to be shown to me for what people are searching but have low competition score. And thats really hard to find. Essentially, we need a tool like: "here are some keywords that people are looking for but currently hold a low competition score" that way i can browse through and be like" oh i didnt realize a lot of people are looking for a tutorial on __ this week….i can do that right away!" does that make sense ? We need a filter that sorts keywords by HIGH SEARCH/LOW COMP that gets refreshed daily/weekly etc…I can't imagine thats impossible to do right ? and the keywords shown to us can be on any topic and that way for channels that are really open like mine, i do comedy, i want to be able to make a trending video based on what people WANT to see but havent seen because not many people are doing it.

  4. vidIQ has helped me so much, if you are reading this you need to get it. My views have doubled or probably tripled in 1 week.

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