Google AdWords Keyword Tool Tutorial 2017-2018 – Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Discover our 2017-2018 Google AdWords Keyword Tool Tutorial also known as the Keyword Planner. In order to do PPC and SEO Keyword Research, the Keyword Tool is a tremendous option to use. Not only can you search for new keywords but you can also see important information like Average Monthly Searches, Google AdWords competition, your search ad impression share, and suggested bids for AdWords.

Our Keyword Planner tutorial is meant for beginners so you can understand how to do research and more. We have a video specifically meant for PPC, Bing Ads, and Google AdWords search campaigns so you can find keyword research for your campaign. You can find that video tutorial here:

In this video, we give you a Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tutorial updated for 2017 and it will be relevant into 2018. First, we go through how to search for keywords using a phrase, website landing page, or Google category. You can adjust location targeting, language targeting, google search partners, and add negative keywords that might not be relevant for your campaign. In addition, you can adjust monthly forecasts back several years. It will default the forecast to the previous 12 months, which is helpful to understand search volume trends.

You can adjust keyword filters to find options that have a certain number of average monthly searches, specific monthly bid suggestions, or you can adjust by your own ad impression share if you are running campaigns. In addition, you are able to only look for relevant keyword ideas and also keep broad options. You can also show keywords that are already in your plan and your account so you don’t have any multiples within your campaign.

Second, we go through Get Search Volume Data and Trends. You can upload your keyword list from the previous step to find all the data you need on search volume, growth, and average monthly search for each month of the year. Finding search volume data and trend data is vital so you can pace your budgets and forecast your PPC Advertising spend. In addition, we upload our keyword lists to show how you can find forecasts for your keyword list. You can also click Review Plan while you are creating your plan for accurate forecast data. I love to set different CPC bids for ad groups and individual keywords so I can see how many clicks I can get for my money. Google AdWords has so much keyword data that you can learn about and it helps you become a master in your niche.

Third, we go through how to multiply keyword lists together. In the keyword planner, you can enter keywords in two separate fields and they will combine them. It’s a quick and easy way to expand your keyword list. For example, if you have a travel website with hotels, vacation rentals, and resorts for every city in the United States, you can quickly enter all the different cities and it will create keywords for each of them.

7 thoughts on “Google AdWords Keyword Tool Tutorial 2017-2018 – Google AdWords Keyword Planner”

  1. Corey, I don't know why you have taken so much time to give the public so much valuable information and insight, but I thank you for your very clear and concise tutorials. All of your tutorial videos are not only current but the absolute best on Youtube. Your deep dive into the fundamentals of digital paid advertising is invaluable for beginners like myself. I highly recommend anybody who wants to learn about this subject to take advantage of all the tutorials that Surfside PPC has provided before they pull it off Youtube and sell the course on Udemy! for which I would still pay for it. I would urge all who benefit from this tutorial to subscribe to this channel and hit the like button. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and knowledge, very very very informative.

  2. Hi, how do you change the ave. monthly searches to show exact amounts? It only shows a range when I tried it, for example: 1k-10k.

    With how thorough and genuine you are, I surprised you don't have a lot more views than you have!!!! I look forward to the new content……. And it seems like you stepped it up a bit lately with your uploads, which I'm thankful for…..

    I see that you like to go right at the keywords that are directly in proportion to what you want to advertise&sell………
    I personally like using the approach of say… Why someone would be looking for a new set of headphones,
    OR… Headphones with a lot of bass,
    Headphones with "#" of decibels,
    OR… maybe even certain colors of Headphones. Etc……

    They are all "INTENT" keyword searches, with the premise to still buy a pair. And I find that since competition is very low, then I'm able to get bids well under the suggested bid price and still get 1 thru 3 ranking in placement. This will allow for a .20 to. 30 bid and reaching 3 times the amount of clicks (still with buying intent in mind) for the same cost as going after the words that are high competition at 1.00+ per bid and same budget amount.
    I try to get away from competition but still market to a targeted market. It can get quite tricky at times and I need to really sit and think how to get in thru the back door. But once I do…. I can clean house, cause I'm standing alone (for the most part….).

    I'm curious…. Do you like the new setup of AdWords & the planner, or do you prefer using the older one??? I don't think you mentioned anything in that regards in this video??? For all I know…. You like the old one more, but just did the video for those that want to use this version.

    AGAIN….. THANX for the GREAT content!!!!!

  4. Please leave a comment if you have any questions about the Google AdWords Keyword Planner aka the Keyword Tool. Thanks for stopping by our video!

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