Free Niche Site Tutorial

In this tutorial, we walk you through exactly the process we use to earn a full time income from niche sites.

Check out to get our full, FREE tutorial for creating a WordPress site, monetizing it, and getting traffic.

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20 thoughts on “Free Niche Site Tutorial”

  1. I love your dow to earth tutorials -thank you! ! Question regarding word count on writing articles.. is there a tool that displays word count as you go so you know how many words you are at? Thanks, Michelle

  2. So helpful guys! This is an awesome channel to get ideas and motivated. I wasn't even looking how to start a site and I think I'm about to dedicate some serious time to this. Cheers!

    Was thinking about starting a site about startups since there's such a boom in the startup community lately. Thoughts?

  3. Hey guys on some of your videos you show a screen shot of your websites traffic progression. ……….>>>>>>…….you know the results from visitors to your site. How can I track the same info for the blog I've started I know it'll take time but would like to know how. I have searched for it online. I saw the place on this video at 19:46 timeline. Thanks

  4. I want to buy the niche site School program but I'm not sure if it is a good fit for me.

    I have a shopify ecommerce site selling a handmade niche product. I have traffic and good sales but it's very time intensive. I've actually quit my full-time job to make the product and improve the site.

    I want to shift the focus to an affiliate driven site that compliments my main product. I have a few affiliate links on the site but I'm not sure how to build a related blog. I don't know if they should be completely separate and then link to each other.

  5. Hey guys, do you have a video or a page on how to find the Amazon products you will link to on your website? Or do you exclusively limit those links to products you purchased yourself?

  6. How have I managed to miss your stuff! This could be my lucky day! Will be signing up for the course when I get paid!!!

  7. Wow, you guys are just soooooo nice. I am so happy I found you and am working my way through your videos and website. Thank you for helping us little people who are trying to raise our families on a budget.

  8. so as u said, we need a product/niche which is around 100$ and not competitive , at the same time the niche is not competitive then how do u suggest we find the keyword competition without keyword research tool.

  9. Hey my favorite youtubers…I got one little question for you guys. You are always talking about taking a month or a little bit more in the beginning to write 25-30 proper question is: When and in which intervals should I actually post them on my blog? Do you usually write all the articles first and then you post lets say one post a day or do you post them as you finish the posts (so always immediately after the creation process) OR do you post all the 25 posts at once after that initial month?

  10. Your content is the best, but when your website is about leeches, what are you going to post affiliate links for?

  11. Do you have a coupon code for your Niche Site School? I want to get it but I don't have enough until next pay, I clicked 'add to cart' and noticed a coupon code section but even after searching google I couldn't find a coupon code.

  12. Yes! At 76 I am really psyched.. I am starting to write and when I get stuck, I know now where to go. It has been a long slog through the ether, but I think I hit on the right School.
    I will need to watch all your videos, but I have no fear to ask for, yes, a hand when I need it.
    Thank you. I am no longer on the fence; everything is within reach and I am taking the plunge.
    My senior years will be filled with exciting fun busy work and there will be no thumb twiddling! Thanks again.
    From: Always asking.

  13. I was with you up until the anti-link building nonsense. Ive analyzed all your top earning money sites. They all have preferred anchor text amd forced link building. Come on boys.

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