eBay SEO – eBay Competition Analysis Made Easy


This video shows you the BEST ways to analyze your eBay competitors to see if you can out-rank them on the 1st page of eBay search results for any keyword phrase that you as an eBay seller, decides to target.

The ideas come from the concept of “eBay Cassini” in which there are several FACTORS that “eBay Cassini” is using to determine which eBay seller’s listings will rank in TOP positions of the 1st page of eBay search results.

In this video, you’re going to learn what those important factors are and how to use them to your advantage to consistently out-rank your eBay competitors and ultimate increase your eBay SALES.

How-to become a “TOP-Rated Seller” to list with “TOP-Rated Plus” listings according to eBay:

Feedback scores, stars, and your reputation:

What does the star next to a Feedback score mean?

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