Dead Simple Keyword Research with Google Adwords Keyword Tool (PT2)

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Here’s how to do keyword research using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to figure out what topics your website should be about. This will help you break down your niche, and determine what problems you will need to solve for your website visitors!

One of the key skills of affiliate marketers is to figure out how to analyze keyword data.

The google adwords keyword tool is your best friend.

Learn the difference between exact match and broad match searches.

Exact match = the exact keyword phrase someone types into google or youtube.

Broad match = keyword phrases they have your keywords in them somewhere.

Mastering keyword research will give you the keys to free traffic. Free traffic comes from mastering search engine optimization (ranking for keywords that are being searched for).

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20 thoughts on “Dead Simple Keyword Research with Google Adwords Keyword Tool (PT2)”

  1. Dan, any reason why I am unable to see the bar graph for the previous 12 months when searching for a keyword? I get this message where the graph should be, "This page shows ranges for search volumes. For a more detailed view, set up and run a campaign"

  2. I'm just now stumbling upon your videos.. With the couple I've watched so far I can easily say that I have learned more from these couple videos than I have watching TONS of other people videos. Thanks!

  3. Hey I signed up for adwords. I thought it was free, but then I was charged $200 per day? I don't know why this happened.

  4. How can I see the blue columns? I'm missing this view and also noticed that you have this little icon there, of a graph, in between the 'columns drop down' and 'Download'. How do I get this? My Keyword planner, basically skips this graph icon, hence I can't see the blue columns. Any ideas? thanks

  5. In my adwords account, it only shows broad search volumes like 1K – 10K, 100 – 10K, and so on. It no longer shows me the actual number. How can I get the actual #/volume to show?

  6. I love your very easy to understand and follow presentation! Thank you 🙂 Like others below, I also do not get the same screen (i.e. blue chart) on Adwords; I do get the volume data though. Just doesn't look as cool as your screen. Thanx again 🙂

  7. Is there any way you can show us the updated way on how to do it? I see you are stating to proceed like we are going to set up a campaign, but it would be SO MUCH EASIER if you could visually show us? Maybe you can make an updated youtube video on the subject. That would be awesome! Thank you. (I purchased your course and this is a completely new item for me and this is where I am a stuck).

  8. I went to AdWords and found out how to get past the "paywall." It asks you to make an ad before getting to your account to use AdWord Plannar tool, so I called them and they did not help me bypass it, but rather told me to put in my credit card info and just pause the ad once I got in. Just do this, if you don't they will pry into your business and give you a sales pitch on how to spend money for paid traffic, etc, etc. Just put in the credit card to avoid the hassle, they didn't help anyways. I made an ad for 1 dollar, and then paused it when I got in. It goes for "Review" anyways which could take a full business day to process, so you won't even spend that 1 dollar.

  9. once i sign up as a affiliate on amazon how do i bypass the website name – i dont want a website (yet) no money….how do i sign up without this information on amazon? I really love your videos…I think you are GREAT!

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