Create a Profitable Niche Site In 20 Mins (Covert Theme)

Covert Theme:

Are you ready to start raking in money with passive income? Check out this video to find out how to make commissions from Amazon affiliate sites, completely on autopilot! This method requires little to no maintenance from you, and it’s super simple to do! You can learn to set it up in 20 minutes using Covert Store Builder. Watch this step by step tutorial to see how easy it is!

The first step that you’ll see in this video is to find a niche that you like. It’s recommended that you pick a niche that is “share worthy”. Use free Tumblr and Pinterest accounts to build a following for your niche. This will give you lots of free traffic to your site! Then, it’s time to use the Covert Store Builder theme to set up a site in your niche. Upload Covert Store Builder, click on “themes”, then add a new theme. This theme will save you tons of time, and get you lots of commissions from Amazon; it’s well worth the investment!

The Covert Store Builder theme makes it incredibly easy to set up your store full of Amazon products, so you can just sit back and start collecting commissions from anyone who clicks through a product on your store to buy something on Amazon. Check out the rest of the demo for complete instructions on how to customize your store, upload products from Amazon, and start cashing in! You’ll also find tips on how to get free traffic to your site by simply sharing the products with a backlink to your store attached on Tumblr and Pinterest.

Be sure to check out my Pinterest and Tumblr tutorials on this YouTube channel for even more successful results! Get building your own affiliate store, and start making money the easy way!

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