Competitor analysis SEO, Keyword research SEO, Sales & Conversions on ECommerce Website
This SEO for ECommerce course will serve you as a comprehensive guide, if you’re launching a new E-Commerce website or optimizing your established online store for extra sales. If you’re not getting any traffic from Google, then it indicates you’re leaving sales on the table.
Competitor analysis SEO – – seo competitor analysis can help your online business outperform your competitors with the minimum of work.

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although you can research your competitors website more in-depth this video shows you core parts of competitor website analysis to gain an idea as to see if they are utilizing search engine optimization who is managing their website is more crucial google ranking factors in place (these are some of the question which is answered for the viewer)…

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learn competitor analysis best practices and how raven’s research and reporting tools make this process manageable… always keep your primary goal in mind when you’re looking at analyzing your competitors’ seo. in this video i’m going to share with you some tools that will help you analyze your competitor’s website.

You will know how to optimize your ecommerce website by using different SEO strategies and techniques like Keyword Research, competitor Analysis, Page Speed, Conversion / Sales optimization and much more.
The websites that are ranking in top 3 Google search results gets 48.4% CTR cumulatively. Also only 3% of search users go beyond page 1 on Google Search. So it’s certain for an ECommerce website to do SEO and rank within top 3 search results on page 1.

Usually, new ECommerce sites believe that if they just list 100s of products on their online store, then Google would bring in the traffic gradually. But actually that’s not the case. Even if you wait for 10 years, you won’t fulfill the results / sales that this course will give in only 3 months after optimization.

But you are in need to understand a thing, doing SEO for ecommerce websites is not resemble to doing for a blog or a portfolio website. Many product pages are created daily and they are not updated for years. Also, the content given by product manufacturers are usually weak and bad for SEO.
By the end of this course, you’ll be able to boost your sales by up to 500% and also you will outrank your competitors on Google search as well as in terms of faith and credibility.