Competitive Analysis | Keyword Research Tips

How to do keyword research, the best tips for competitive analysis

Apparently I need to tweak my OBS settings because the video/audio sync was awful! (sorry)

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  1. Also, for those who are new to SEO, If you see a forum post ranking #1 in the search that is a sure fire sign that you can rank for that term.

  2. So yeah, I messed around with seo marketing and amazon affiliate program about a year ago and then switched to ppc with affiliate network. Now I am getting the hang of it and seeing some good daily profits. But seo definitely has it's place too ( FREE TRAFFIC!) and now I want to get back into it. Thanks for mentioning the tool you use, much less of a hassle than market samurai.

  3. H Paul, I really enjoy watching your content, great work! In regards to determining which keywords to go after what would be your sweet spot for search volume and backlinks? Also, do you have a separate tutorial for how to create strong backlinks for your site?

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