BIGGEST MISTAKES Amazon KEYWORD RESEARCH | Why Merchant Words is WRONG | SEO Tools Explained

Merchant Words Amazon Keyword Research Appears To Be Extremely Incorrect yet many Amazon Sellers still depend on it for keyword Research. Learn why I believe its wrong and about better alternatives (Helium 10 and Viral Launch).

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ATTENTION: I am a real Human Being. I want to help you and make your life better. Other Youtube channels are just a funnel to get you to buy their course or amazon software (there are very few exceptions and they are all smaller channels).

I have a funnel too , but its very different. I am focusing my entire life efforts around making others lives better. I am building software in personal development to help us with goal setting, Accountability, Gratitude to make like more fulfilling. I also am starting a physical product brand based on Personal Development.

Others end goal is dollars in their pocket, my end goal is lives changed (as well as my own).

I made millions before I ever produced a piece of content

Facts about me.
– I went 0 to 6 Million in 6 months on Amazon FBA. I actually show my products to you guys.
– I proposed to my Wife in OUTER SPACE (video on my youtube channel)
– I have double major in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science as well as Business Administration. with a minor in Economics and Speech. I never used my degree, I started my business in college and took it full time the day I graduated. YES I have lived my WHOLE LIFE on self derived income.
– I was a Calculus, Accounting and Economics Tutor in college.
– 13 years experience. I have been in Ecommerce since I was 12 years old.
– I worked 1 internship for 3 months got depressed and hated it. I never worked again.
** I F*cking love Llammas goats and Dogs

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MCT Oil (Make Bulletproof Coffee) –
SUN Light (keeps me awake longer) –
Mini Trampoline (Jump & Listen To EDM) –
More to come…